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Dr. Deborah Fudge makes sure that every one of her patients is treated specially. While her treatment speaks for itself, making patients feel comfortable and happy is always a part of the experience.  Below are some testimonials and reviews we have received from our chiropractic patients. 

Mayra Hernandez:

“I can’t believe I waited so long to go see a chiropractor. Dr. Fudge is amazing since I started my adjustment with her. I have not had the shooting pain down my right leg. There is no long wait at the office and they work with your schedule to make an appointment for you.” 

Brianna F.:

“When I first learned I was pregnant, a million thoughts went through my mind. Would I have a boy or a girl? Would I have a natural birth or cesarean? Would ever sleep through the night again? But one of the main concerns lingering in the back of my mind was what I would do about my history of back pain. Over the years, I had tried every therapy option available: massage therapy, acupuncture, physical therapy, and chiropractic care. For the first time in my life, I had finally started managing the pain without medical care or therapy, and I was about to gain 50 pounds and have a tiny human bouncing around inside my belly. My body was changing and I could tell that my back was not prepared. Knowing that my goal was to have a natural pregnancy and delivery without the use of epidurals and/or other pain relieving drugs, I sought out help to make that possible.

After contacting Dr. Fudge and expressing my concerns, we decided that I should visit once per week for the duration of my pregnancy. Each week, Dr. Fudge did an adjustment to help relieve the additional stress on my body due to the ever-changing process of pregnancy. After starting treatment with Dr. Fudge, I was able to continue working in a kindergarten special education classroom, lifting the children carefully as needed, all the way up to my due date. Although my little man was a week late in his debut, I’m happy to say that I was able to give birth naturally and without any pain medications. My body seemed to be fully prepared for the process and after only 6 hours of labor, and 15 minutes of pushing, my beautiful baby boy was finally here!”

Terry D’Oirio:

“One of the best Chiropractors I know. She is very kind and dedicated to her patients. A credit to her profession.” 

Brenda Laycock:

“Dr. Deb Fudge has given me my weekly chiropractic adjustments for several years. She is knowledgeable, professional, and very friendly. Dr. Deb is also my wellness coach. She counsels me with my weight, nutrition, and overall well being. The NutraMetrix supplements have helped me with weight loss. I take the CLA and CORE products. Dr. Deb is such an inspiration. She is an awesome doctor who takes the time to help her patients any way she can. I highly recommend Dr. Deb Fudge to everyone. She’s the best!” 

Eileen Cunniffe Labrecque:

“Incredible ‘human – first’ chiropractic professional, love her geniune holistic approach to preventative as well as those ‘life happens’ injuries along the way that comes with running an organizing business. Try her services out! She is the real-deal, cream-of-the-crop local chiropractor & I thank her for that :)” 


Jennifer Cuddy:

“This has been a great experience…Dr. Fudge is amazing….she has listened, understood and then in turn educated me about chiropractic care… I have not felt this way about any other Dr. I have had in the past…I truly wish I had found her sooner. In just three visits I feel better than I have in years….I cannot thank her enough!” 

Kim E.:

 “I highly recommend Dr. Deb. I have had back/sciatica pain for almost 2 years – went to numerous specialits, recieved many cortisone shots and nothing relieved the pain. Dr. Deb diagnosed my problem, and began adjutments immediately. I am happy to report that I no longer have sciatica pain and am amazed at how great I feel in such a short time.

She really cares about her patients and wants everyone to be pain free. I didn’t think it was possible – and she gave me hope and relief. Dr. Deb is the best !”

Michele Dube:

“Always feel fantastic after leaving Dr. Fudge’s office. She is the best! She helps me with my migraines! Truly a vibrant personality and passionate about her profession.” 

Laurel Moscar:

“One of the best health specialists there is. Not just a chiropractor but all over health care provider.” 

Joseph L. Morana:

“Dr. Deb Fudge is the consummate patient-centered doctor. Deb is a healer at heart; a chiropractor by training. She has positively touched countless lives—including my own and those of my mother-in-law, friends and neighbors. She often says that chiropractic is best explained as ‘healing from the inside out,’ and she couldn’t be more correct. She is gracious, humble and generous; and she actively practices a win-win approach in everything she does. This is why she has so many raving fans, including me.” 

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Dr. Fudge is a warm, caring person. She is very good at explaining how various parts of the body are connected, so that pain in one area may be the result of a condition somewhere else. 


Had issues with my back. Saw Deb for 6 weeks and back to work. She diagnosed my problem and treated it with great precision. I would highly recommend her. 


I have had issues with my feet my whole life. From an early age I had the hard shell orthotics, which were expensive to say the least. Recently I got foot levers from Deb. All I can say is WOW. I wasn't expecting much for the fraction of the price of others, but they really are custom made based on the scan of your foot & pressure points. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Deb walks you through everything & shows you the different types for different activities. I bought a pair of insoles for golf & general use. Instant change in my golf game. You actually play better when your feet are right!! I can't wait to purchase the custom sandals in the future.

The only drawback is I wish I knew about these years ago. Great addition to your practice!!!


 Very professional and committed to make me feel better. 


I have had the privilege to work with Dr Fudge since 2013 for my personal back problems I had been suffering since a very young age. Through her weekly and then monthly support, I was able to find back relief.

Fast forward to today, and two more children since the last time I visited her and I’m grateful that she continues to not only serve myself and my husband, but now my youngest child at 18 months.

I decided this past month, after seeing my baby suffering from multiple ear infections and also a series of antibiotics, that I would try a holistic approach to alleviating and helping with draining of the ear.

I’m so happy to report that after just two weeks of treatments and adjustments with Dr Fudge that not only has my sons ears gone down in inflammation, but he has also improved in walking, bending down, picking items up from the floor that he was not doing before due to the inflammation in his ear and also a bad fall he had over 3 months ago.

I’m so grateful for putting faith in the chiropractic expertise of Dr Fudge and allowing her to adjust my son to help him in his health long term!

My son is doing amazing since he started with her and I’m so grateful!

More families have to include their children in chiropractic care along with their annual Doctor care! It’s a great preventive measure to caring for our bodies!


Last year, I experienced severe back pain and it really limited my activities and that was very upsetting. I never went to a chiropractor before, but my sister highly recommended going to see Doctor Fudge. At first, I was hesitant, but my back pain was bad enough where I was willing to try it. This was the best decision I made last year! Right away, Doctor Fudge put my anxiety at ease and provided a thorough initial exam followed by effective treatment. I continued to go Doctor Fudge and my back got better and better, and very soon I was back to working out and enjoying my active lifestyle. If you're experiencing physical pain, Doctor Fudge is the person you need to see. I strongly recommend her practice! 

Video Testimonials

Competitive cheerleader suffered with low back pain. Hear her testimonial after receiving chiropractic care. 


Listen how Chiropractic care helped with her back pain.