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Dr. Fudge and Dr. Fryday have found a passion for CBD through their own life experiences. They have seen the phenomenal benefits of CBD and want to share their knowledge with the world. 

Our Products


CBD Pain Rub cream

A topical analgesic blended with 60 mg of raw CBD to help soothe minor muscle aches & joint pains. Our formula contains menthol and uses cold therapy to penetrate quickly & offer non-additive targeted relief at the point of pain.


CBD Herbal drops

CBD herbal drops are made of the highest quality concentratin of CBD oil with a purity level of up to 80%. A variety of strengths are offered of all natural and top-quality, potent CBD oil. 


CBD isolate powder capsules

CBD Isolate powder capsules contain 99+% pure CBD. These have been third party tested to ensure it's purity and that it is 100% THC free. This isolate can be consumed by anyone concerned about drug testing positive. 

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